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Maintenance Support:

In order to offer a valid warranty service to all customers, Sintesys srl has established the following guidelines. Sintesys srl applies, starting from the invoice date, the following commercial guarantee conditions. The warranty on the products supplied is void if the product serial number is fully or partially removed or canceled. • Obvious physical damage, • evident incorrect and inappropriate use • evident tampering • loss or abrasion of the serial code • loss or tampering of components or parts of the product • packed in inappropriate packaging. However, the warranty does not cover all consumables. In case of proven malfunction of the product, the guarantee consists exclusively in the replacement or repair of the latter at the sole discretion of Sintesys srl.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by: neglect, tampering, incorrect installation, incorrect use, repairs, maintenance, improper alterations carried out by unauthorized personnel; use of supplies or parts that do not meet company specifications and indications; unauthorized modifications; improper use that does not comply with the warnings and indications given in the instruction or installation manual; normal wear or tear; damage caused by accidents or acts of God including fire, water, lightning or other atmospheric agents; damage caused by overvoltages and overcurrents, insufficient or irregular power supply; any other cause not mentioned that is not in any case linked to a material or manufacturing defect. This warranty also does not cover: damage occurring during storage at the point of sale or suffered by the product during transport; loss of information stored by the customer, loss of time, damage to software, loss of business profits or other commercial damages resulting from the use of the product; losses covered by the buyer's insurance; shipping costs and other expenses incurred; accidents and other indirect damages not listed.

Furthermore, no responsibility is accepted for any damage that may, directly or indirectly, derive to people, things or animals as a result of failure to observe the prescribed indications.

Returns Management
Any returns of non-functioning products must be agreed in advance and authorized with a return number (RMA). Products missing the RMA number will not be accepted. The RMA number must be requested by e-mail with the exact indication of the serial number of the product, number of the purchase document and exact description of the defect. Once received, the RMA number must be clearly stated on the delivery note.

The materials returned for incompatibility (not subject to our product) or for repairs under warranty, but which are functional, will be subject to a flat-rate charge of € 60.00 for management costs. The products must be returned in their original packaging and with adequate external packaging. The products returned under warranty must be sent to Sintesy srl carriage paid without any charge to Sintesys Srl and will be returned by Sintesys srl carriage paid.

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