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Scenarios and examples of applications

Introduction: the difference between scenarios and automatisms

The scenario is the goal / result, automation is the way / condition of how and which of my Wifi devices should be enabled or disabled.

Automation includes a condition for activating or deactivating a specific scenario.

The automatisms need a trigger to perform an action. For example, the devices integrated in the Wifi (sensors, magnetic contacts, etc.) Or any adjustable condition such as weather, twilight, outdoor temperature, weather, etc. It is very convenient that both scenarios can be integrated in an automation as well as automatisms in a scenario.

Basically IMPORTANT! Not only the switching on of the devices, but also the switching off must be memorized accordingly.


  • More security with InLine Smart Home

Basically, you can better protect yourself from dangers such as fire or water damage with networked devices and reduce the risk of theft. By connecting the sensors, you not only hear an acoustic signal, but you also receive an additional warning message on your smartphone. Intelligent lighting control prevents theft. Thieves can be discouraged through networked door, window or movement sensors and sirens or alarm lights (here too you receive an additional warning message on your smartphone). It is also possible to increase security indoors and outdoors with network cameras. You will be informed of the activities on your smartphone and will be able to react to burglaries or emergency situations, if necessary. Of course, you can also define different escalation levels and, for example, initially a warning message is displayed on the smartphone only when the motion detector is activated. After the test, the next escalation phase (alarm, light) can be activated or not.

With the following products, security is increased and other people, pets or objects can be saved in emergency situations.

  • InLine SmartHome alarm siren

  • InLine SmartHome humidity sensor

  • InLine SmartHome motion detector

  • InLine SmartHome door / window sensor InLine SmartHome Indoor camera InLine SmartHome External camera SmartHome

  • InLine socket

  • Arrive and feel good - location-based switching on and off

The devices defined connected to the mains can be switched on and off using location-based services and an InLine Smart Home socket when entering or leaving the home. The charging station on the bedside table and the TV in the living room turn off automatically when you leave the apartment; when you enter, the standard lamp in the corridor lights up already, the TV or music system turns on automatically.

Reduce ancillary costs - save electricity and money

Define scenarios for devices with permanent energy demand, when these are needed and then connect the InLine SmartHome sockets accordingly. This way you can keep energy consumption to a minimum when you are not at home and avoid power consumption in standby mode.

  • Smart help at the right time for young and old

It is often simply reassuring to know that all is well at home. Is the pet turning the apartment upside down? Have the children returned safely from school? Are the grandparents all right?With the indoor camera you have to view dangerous places or rooms in the house (stairs, kitchen) and you can check if the people who need help are well and also interact with them through the microphone and the loudspeaker of the internal camera, eg . I forgot to turn off the stove. Older people can therefore remain independent longer without their relatives having to worry. In emergency situations you will be notified by smart helpers. Scenarios, automatisms and other settings can be used to avoid "24 hours on the command post". With the sensor for doors and windows, sensitive areas such as a medical cabinet can be further protected.

  • InLine SmartHome Camera indoor

  • InLine SmartHome Camera esterna

  • InLine SmartHome door / window sensor

  • Smart networking for external use

Activate an electric heater in the garage at night frost. Scare night animals with motion detectors and an alarm or light siren in the garden.

  • InLine SmartHome External camera

  • InLine SmartHome alarm siren

  • InLine SmartHome motion detector

  • Carefree on vacation

Intelligent lighting scenarios give the impression that someone is at home during long periods of absence, thus avoiding theft. To do this, regularly activate and deactivate the lamps in the area visible from the outside. It is also possible to react to unexpected events with camera monitoring and network security devices (humidity sensor, motion detector, smoke detector). You can still enjoy your holidays without constantly looking at your smartphone. You just need to react if certain scenarios are activated and you receive a warning message on your smartphone.

  •  Scenario Alzarsi - Gentle start to the day

Coffee machine and / or kettle is activated

The toaster turns on

The radio turns on

  • Scenario going to bed

The bedside charger is activated

Devices such as TV, music system, etc. They are disconnected from the power supply (even in the absence of waiting) Mood lighting goes off

  • Sunset Scenery

For example, you can activate floor lamps or other lights with a protective contact or European plug for indirect night lighting with the InLine Smart Home socket at sunset. This eliminates the need to adapt lighting scenarios in summer and winter or in different seasons.

  • Meteorological scenarios

Activate a fan above a certain outside temperature

Receive a warning signal at a defined time when it has snowed overnight. So you can clean the sidewalk before going to work.

Allow yourself to wake up 10 minutes earlier if it freezes overnight. You can scratch the car for free and get to work without delay.

- Rain and storm: if it rains or storms occur and the window sensor is activated further, a warning and / or warning message is issued on the smartphone.

 Makes smart devices even smarter.

Extend Smart Home devices with additional features:

  • Do you have a controllable door sensor? Extend it with an external video camera

  • Monitor the robot vacuum cleaner with an internal camera

  • Motion detector for activating lights / spots, music and much more

  • Surveillance of household appliances with an internal camera

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