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Working with Hardware-Italia means:

  • Access an Online Shop active H24 with constantly updated products, information and prices to keep up with market needs.

  • Send orders also via E-Mail to

  • Make purchases from as little as 30, - € (minimum order). For orders of less than 50, - € we reserve the right to credit any 5, - € as a contribution to order management costs.

  • Enjoy free transport for orders over 300, - € net *

  • Shipping costs throughout Italy are calculated based on the weight of the goods:

    • from 0.0Kg to 15.0Kg -> 15, - €

    • from 15,1Kg to 30,0Kg -> 20, - €

    • from 30,1Kg to 50,0Kg -> 30, - €

    • from 50,1Kg to 80,0Kg -> 50, - €

    • from 80,1Kg to 100Kg -> 70, - € "

  • Fulfillment of orders, for all products available in stock, within the working day following their receipt. (please note that courier delivery times in Italy vary from 4 to 5 working days)

  • Terms of payment by bank transfer, PayPal or credit cards. To access forms of insured payment, other than those in advance, please contact your sales representative.

  • Solutions (POS) for your point of sale with equipped walls and Gadgets for the promotion of the products of our main partners.

  • Constant updates via E-Mail (Wednesday and Friday) to keep you informed on new products included in the catalog and on current commercial promotions.

  • A wide selection of products and peripherals at advantageous conditions thanks to commercial agreements signed with top-level international manufacturers.

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