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Mobile Smart Living with Tuya Smart Life and IFTTT

All InLine Smart Home products support the IFTTT automation service and have a network module installed by Tuya.

IFTTT is a service provider for the individual connection and automation of web applications or "services" of all kinds (eg social networks, concrete devices, meteorological services etc.) and enables conditional instructions (applets, previously recipes) according to the scheme.

In the field of smart home, IFTTT can be understood as an interface between apps and smart devices. Not only can IFTTT create its own "If, then shortcuts (applets)", it is also possible to access many common scenarios and get compatible applications (services).

Smart Life App

The intelligent life, respectively, Tuya and IFTTT have a "cloud-to-cloud" software cooperation, ie the Smart Life app already provides a series of services such as weather data, sunrise and sunset, temperatures, a timer as well as positions and therefore single if-then It is possible to create automatisms for all InLine Smart Home products (eg if the sun goes down, then turn on the light). Furthermore, it is possible to connect the IFTTT app with the smart life app and therefore access further services (compatible services are displayed in the IFTTT app) and applets already defined. IFTTT establishes the connection, communication and management of smart devices is managed by the smart life app. You can find the instructions for the link here (Tuya PDF). Important: IFTTT does not store any personal access data of the connected services,

With "smart life" you make your mobile phone the central control of your smart devices. Check any number of Smart Life compatible WiFi Smart Home devices from different manufacturers at any time and from anywhere in the world!


  • Check smart appliances and home appliances anytime, anywhere in the world

  • Easily share devices with family members

  • Ensure security with real-time alerts


All devices can be managed manually via app on a smartphone or conveniently via Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls.