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DOA (Dead On Arrival) warranty return statement

With the legislative decree n. 24/2002, in implementation of a European directive, the guarantee on goods intended for entrepreneurial or professional activity or purchased with an invoice on which the VAT number is indicated is 1 year, and 8 days the time within which it is necessary to report the defects of the purchased product.

Those who buy the product as a consumer, "that is, any natural person who acts for extraneous purposes in contracts", which translates into the purchase with a receipt (which must always be kept to prove the purchase) or with an invoice and tax code the warranty is 2 years and the deadline for reporting the defect is 2 months.

In the event of a fault within 8 days from the date of purchase, before returning the defective product, you must request an RMA-DOA number from Sintesys srl .
• The applicant must complete the RMA application form.
• The service center will communicate an RMA-DOA number and confirm whether the request has been accepted or not.
• The request can be rejected if the completion of the form is incomplete, if the product does not fall within the 8-day period, if the causes of failure are attributable to accidental causes.
• After receiving the authorization number, the applicant must pack the faulty product so that it does not suffer damage during transport and confirm it to be picked up by authorized personnel.
• ATTENTION: Return all accessories (CD, cable, manuals, case, memory).
• All shipping costs will be charged to the customer

for the RMA-DOA request, please contact the company by sending an email to the following address: support

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